Research Paper: What is Sexism

Sample Research Paper

Sexism is an attitude or behavior which stresses that supremacy and superiority of one gender over another. The opposite sex is considered to be inferior or subservient.  This demeanor or strongly held biased beliefs could also be exhibited by a discriminatory action. Women are the usual victims of sexism. Heterosexism is the prejudice held against people because of their sexual orientation. The society only accepts heterosexual people. Homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgenders are discriminated against. Heterocentrism is deemed as the root cause of heterosexism. The society carries an attitude that the heterosexuals are superior to people who have a different sexual inclination and considers the non-heterosexuals as a misfit in the society.

Suzanne Pharr states that the three weapons of sexism are economics, violence and homophobia which set the ground for prejudice and discrimination against women. Economics is a primary cause of which steers oppression and sexism within the society. The economic structure of United States has a shape of a pyramid. Few white males are at the pinnacle while the base is composed of mainly women and people belonging to other races and ethnicities. Inequity of income distribution is on the rise in theUnited States. This imbalance of income and wealth is sustained to ensure that women and people of color remain economically dependent. This economic reliance is a strategy to assure that the women stay subservient to and be overwhelmed by men.

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