Research Paper: Sex Education

Sample Research Paper

Sex education is a sensitive and value-laden enterprise, which is often aimed at the challenging objective of behavior change.  Therefore, sex education requires not just special but unique environmental conditions, teacher characteristics, learner characteristics, and curriculum elements.

As far as environmental factors are concerned, sex education implies a setting that is private and respectful given that the goal of the individual is to learn about sensitive sexual issues that are private in any case.  The Internet is, no doubt, such a setting.  In addition, the sexuality educators need to be ones that reveal a certain level of comfort with sexuality, are willing to withhold personal judgments, have sophisticated knowledge of sex-related scientific developments, and are skilled in the area of group communication processes (Yarber and McCabe).  Once again, the Internet seems to be one of the best teachers in sex education, as the grandmother at home is neither expected to withhold personal judgments nor be knowledgeable about sex-related scientific developments.

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