Sample Research Paper According to scholars, sex education is one of those areas of study that can benefit from Internet-driven educational technology more than many other disciplines.  Sex education aims at equipping individuals with sex-related information, motivation, and behavioral skills that would enable them to avoid sex-related problems and achieve sexual well-being.  This form of education has been advocated for decades, although the scope and methods of sex education are broad and varied and depend on cultural, political, and religious considerations. Most societies in the world do believe that some form of sex education is necessary (McKay 112).  But how we teach young individuals in different societies about sex is a function of the societal norms.  Sex education typically includes topics such as the biological aspects of sexuality and the prevention of unwanted pregnancies.  Sexually transmitted disease, sexual exploitation, and sexual assault are additional topics of study.  Where policy permits, sex education would also include a focus on interpersonal relationships, sexual orientation, and sexual function (Barak and Fisher).

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