Research Paper: Satisfaction levels variations and health

Sample Research Paper

In this case, there are two main inferences that have been drawn in this case.  The first inference, in this case, can be the link between life satisfaction and health and here it can be argued that higher the life satisfaction, the higher is the level of happiness thereby better is the health. The other inference that has been drawn by the researchers is that a life with more problems is the main cause of the decrease in the satisfaction levels thus having deleterious effects on the health (Kenny, 1999, 13).

In this case, the main arguments suggest that the adverse changes in the health are the main factors that have been seen to cause a reduction in the life satisfaction levels.  It has been reported that greater the negative change in the health of an individual, greater is the reduction in the satisfaction levels of life (Easterlin, 2003, p. 20). The results that have been obtained in this case are the ones that are in no position to suggest that there is no room for the adaptation.

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