Research Paper: A Sample Of Study On Mental Health

Sample Research Paper

Changing individual and family functioning for better mental health is the focus. At the starting level, communities and organizations are the targets. Here, the emphasis is on programs in the community geared at improving the mental health and quality of life of citizens. Finally, at the macro level, social structures, ideologies and policies are the targets.Here, mental health practitioners’ work involves educating policy makers about psychological principles and the importance of incorporating such knowledge into organizational and societal policies” (e.g., Goodman et al.). Pedersen has also studied mental health and its association with different factors. His theory is supporting a person’s own factors like a person’s own competencies that can lead to a better or a bad mental health depending on the competencies of a human being. He has studied this through checking his subject’s behavior. In one of his study, he says “To examine the longitudinal stability of mental health and sensation seeking, a sample of 553 adolescents aged 16–18 years, was followed over a period of 20 months. Further, the predictive power of the two constructs with regard to future drug use was investigated. The stability of reported mental health was relatively low. Accordingly, the variable was a poor predictor of future drug use. Sensation seeking, however, had a relatively high degree of stability.

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