Research Paper: Role of internet in interpersonal communication

Sample Research Paper

The internet was intended to facilitate communications and it has transformed everything from the speed to the content of the communication. The first change that the internet has caused is decreasing the importance of face to face communication thus decreasing the quality of communication. People can communicate via email, social networking websites and the newer trend is video conferencing. This increases the frequency of communication but decreases the quality as nothing can be as healthy as a face to face relationship.

Since communication is getting more and more instant and quick, the need for correct grammar and spellings is diminished. Communication on the internet frequently uses abbreviations instead of words and emoticons to express their feelings. Thus, the internet is transforming the way people write. Thus for teenagers living in the virtual space, the quality of writing is decreasing.

One of the other predominant effects of the internet on communication is the creation of virtual identities. This is what happened in Whole Foods case. People can have multiple identities and deceiving others can become easier as the physical presence is not required on the internet.

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