Research Paper: Review of Plato’s Book

Sample Research Paper

Plato’s representation of the cave in “Allegory of the Cave” Republic Book VII is shown as an analogy for the condition of mankind–for their being educated or death of it. In “Allegory of the Cave” Plato explains us clearly the way to take out some of its details: the cave is the place available to view or insight. The world outside the cave is the logical place; which is reachable to logic but not to insight; the voyage outside of the cave into daylight of the world is the soul’s inclination to the logical territory. (Valleau, Finnbogason, 341) The mentor’s job is to turn the souls around instead of inducing the knowledge into a soul that does not contain it. This reorganization of souls has working dimensions as well as mental ones.

             In “Allegory of the Cave” Glaucon believes that the cave is an odd image, and the people are weird prisoners. However, Socrates thinks that these people are just like us. Socrates believes that no doubt we are not actually chained and do not look powerlessly at shadows created by those intended to mislead us. Nonetheless, according to Plato many things regarding our state make the cave an appropriate image. The prisoners see the shadows and only, relic, likenesses of animals and people, shed these shadows.

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