Research Paper: Restricting content on the internet

At present, the internet is a necessity for both young and older people. The nature of usage varies according to the age group. Along with a number of productive aspects, internet usage has a lot of hazardous factors as well.  One of them is viewing of obscenity. It is very important to apply age restrictions and viewer discretion if children are using the internet for any purpose. In this way, they use their minds for accomplishing educational tasks only.

The Federal law of the United States monitors internet information through CIPA (Children’s International Protection Act). How does this act work?  This act is mostly applied to educational institutions which get internet technology installed at their respective institutions. These days, it is a necessity for every institution. Before the installation is done, the institution has to use a mechanism for blocking unwanted content. In this way, children do not view anything which is intolerable. If this step is not taken, children may be exposed to pornography which can divert their mind completely.

Internet usage can cause various issues if the content is not filtered. Apart from installing related soft wares, information can also be screened by changing the settings of the web browser.  If your children are using the internet at home or at school, ensure that they are not viewing anything indecent. In other words, you should keep a check on what is being viewed.

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