Sample Research Paper

These respondents’ partners were important people to be included in the study, but that was also not achieved. The talk about oral sex was not given so the real concept of it was lacking. Different people perceive it differently like some people will include French kissing as oral sex so there was no teaching on that. Since HIV awareness was an issue the specific area has been selected so the a bit better sampling that this could have been achieved if it was random sampling type of the purposeful type been used.

The study design that has been used is a qualitative study design which is to ascertain the nature of risk, attitude, and perception but not exactly the amount of them. In this study “Qualitative research uses purposeful sampling, a method in which participants who can provide a full description of the research topic are intentionally selected” (Kuzel, 1992., Morse, 1980)

This study was carried at out San Francisco Bay Area and the participants were the health care professionals of San Francisco Bay Area hospitals and an age and ethnicity diverse group of the patients who HIV-seropositive homosexual men, lesbians, and heterosexual men and women were the participants. Our health care professional sample included men and women, and public AIDS and private practice clinic practitioners within the San Francisco Bay Area. The location, qualification, HIV status, and oral sexual experiences and perception of researcher have been mentioned; the relationship of these researchers with the study participants has not been mentioned. The context provided was not sufficient to understand the whole picture it is more about the techniques they used, but the actual questionnaire they used is not a validated questionnaire and has not been discussed in detail.

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