Sample Research Paper

There have been researches that show that the happiness is not related to the age, marital status, and gender. It has been argued that happiness is the one main factor that has been ignored in the case of many therapeutic diseases. In many neurological diseases, it has been seen that happiness seems to diminish either as a result of the neurological diseases or any kind of stress. The happiness and health are the phenomenons that haves been applied in the case of the patients and the clinical trials (Dr. Carr, 2004, 56).

In this case, it has been argued that the healing patterns of the patients can be increased if their happiness and satisfaction levels are improved by the help of the support and hope. The evidence has suggested that these are the interventions that have proven to be successful in the case of the neurological diseases as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, and the stroke. The interventions that employ the methods to increase the level of happiness in these patients include the support that is provided to the patients by three friends and the families, as well as the activities that can engage as well as stimulate the patients so as to think positive about their lives as these can fasten up the healing processes (Haidt, 2006, p. 69).

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