Research Paper: Research on Child Abuse

Sample Research Paper

Psychologists have separated internalizing from externalizing factors when looking at the effects of abuse of all types.  Research shows that children who are abused are normally higher on the internalizing scales, with approximately thirty-five percent of males and forty-six percent of females reporting behaviors that reveals that these children hold themselves accountable for the incidents of abuse.  And, around thirty-six percent of males and thirty-nine percent of females report behaviors that reveal that they believed they were not to blame for the abuse experienced (Black and Deblassie).  Boys are more reticent to report sexual abuse.  Male victims of this form of abuse are also known to report more somatic complaints, and physical symptoms that are sexual in nature (Salter, 1988). Perusing the results of various studies on sexual abuse, Black and Deblassie have found the following differences between individuals who were abused as children and those were not: Among the effects that distinguished victims from nonvictims were a greater incidence of suicide attempts and higher levels of anxiety and depression.  The effects of child sexual abuse reported by others include depression, suicidal gestures, anxiety, somatic complaints, disturbed interpersonal relations due largely to the inability to trust    others, school difficulties, a decrease in the level of social functioning, heightened sexual activity/preoccupation that often includes compulsive masturbation, homophobic concerns, infantile behavior, paranoia, or phobic behavior, and poor body image or changes in bodily functions.  A male’s sense of powerlessness may even be channeled into aggressive sexual behavior wherein the victim becomes an offender.

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