Research Paper: Reasons for Violence Among Children

Sample Research Paper

There is a multitude of possible factors which could be contributing to violence. Often, these reasons are “interrelated”. The primary cause is the “social injustice prevailing” in the country. This includes “poverty, racism, unemployment, substance abuse,the proliferation of guns, inadequate or abusive parenting practices, real-life adult models of violent problem-solving behavior, and frequent exposure to violence through the media”. (“Problem of Violence”, n.d).

Research conducted internationally has proved that it is difficult to define one particular or a set of factors which influence children’s psyche and incline them towards crime and violence. Nonetheless, “social, personality and biological factors” are likely the determinants of children’s attitude towards crime. (Hagell & Jeyarajah-Dent, 2006, p. 237).

According to a position paper published by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), violence in media has the greatest impact on children’s mind. As children up to seven or eight years of age “have great difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality”, they are more susceptible to the inspirational media. (Media Violence in Children’s Lives, 1994).  However, David and Reiss (1993) believed that it is the “environment”, particularly the society and the family, which affects children’s behavior and promotes violence among them. They state that according to the research, children belonging to conventional societies and little-educated families are more prone to violence. (Reiss & David, 1993, p. 33).

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