Research Paper: The Rapid Evolution in Social Networking

The rapid evolution in social networking also has an impact on communication and service delivery in the healthcare sector. Through social networking, a particular group with a common interest in a particular medical field can form fan pages where they can log in and share the reviews and contributions regarding a particular topic or issue. Doctors, physicians, specialists and even hospitals can now create their own pages and invite people in the social networking sites to become part of their groups.

It is also now possible to post information and useful links on the social networking sites that lead to useful documents or websites. Live video streaming over the internet coupled with live chats also offer real-time communication between consumers and providers (Katz & Rice, 2001). The media has also diversified communication allowing availability and flexibility of information. Through advertisements and commercials, pharmaceutical companies and specialists can advertise their products and services to a much larger audience both locally and internationally.

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