Research Paper: Racism in America

Sample Research Paper

The racial classification in America dates back to the 18th century when the scientists researched on the differences in races. They studied the physical characteristics such as skin color, hair color, and height among people of different origins. They arrived at an assumption that the whites were innately superior to the people of color. This conjecture of was deemed conclusive by society and politicians. The anthropologists and historians also maintained that the whites have supremacy over the non-whites. This concept was exploited by the politicians in their own interest. The colonists propagated this prejudiced ideology through newspapers and reports.

The proponents of essentialism would describe whiteness as having racial supremacy and advantage. They would define it as a distinct virtue. According to them, separating whiteness from blackness would not be racist as the whites do earn some benefits because of their distinguishing identity. They deem blackness as a classification of another category of the human race which has its own distinctive characteristics and features.

Social constructionism puts forward the concept that the individuals in the society would start accepting the norm that whiteness supersedes blackness. The proponents of social constructionism assert that the concept and preference for whiteness may benefit the whites. They maintain that the social constructionism would do justice to blackness also as the society, particularly the people of color, would accept the superiority of the whites.

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