Research Paper: Qualities of a Leader

Sample Research Paper

Jones (1929) presents a translation of a Latin saying “Bonus dux bonum reddit comitem”. He writes that “A good leader makes a good follower”. (p. 18). This further asserts the fact that my being a good follower is evidence enough that I m also a potential leader.

The only drawback which the Leadership Assessment Test revealed and I also feel that I have in me is that I, sometimes, do not give much attention to the details. I tend to focus on the big picture and prefer analyzing the trend rather than paying close attention to the minute points. This is a factor contributing to my poor listening habit. I follow a combination of my analytical ability as well as intuition to arrive at a conclusion. Therefore, I, at times, avoid the details presented by the speaker and use my own reasoning to come to a concrete solution. I must develop a habit of listening to the particulars of speech well.

White (2006) writes a message in his book, The Nature of Leadership, “that whatever your starting point, you can become a leader, a better leader, and maybe even a great leader”. (p. 1). After learning that I have the right capabilities of becoming a leader, I have to work hard and with the dedication to accomplish the goal of becoming a great leader. In order to achieve the objective

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