Research Paper: Productivity and Fast Food

Sample Research Paper

Fast food is a perfect solution to the capitalist society. It is a quick and easy form of food available to workers. Gone are the days when cooking was an integral household chore. It is now replaced with the world of fast food which allows for time to be saved up and spent on other tasks instead. Fast food takes no preparation time and can also be easily consumed. With on the go products like burgers and French fries, fast food does not require a proper sitting down for consumption. This leaves time open for individuals to spend on other activities in life. Food serves as a mere necessity which has to be fulfilled in order for life to continue.

            The low costs of fast food make it an easy buy for all kinds of consumers. This food is not limited to a specific economic group and can be bought by every kind of worker. Its steep price and easy accessibility make it an essential and perfect buy for workers on the go. Individuals can use their time for far more essential tasks. With fast food, cooking, preparing and cleaning become insignificant chores which can be abandoned for more important duties.

Most fast food joints function during the entire day. This allows workers from different shifts to buy their food at any time they please. This immediate service and accessibility have added to the increasing fame for fast food.

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