Sample Research Paper

Prejudice basically is a point of view or a behavior towards an individual or a number of individuals because of their affiliation with a particular group of society. This attitude could be negative or positive.

Discrimination is when some action is taken against or in favor of people due to sheer prejudice. It is taking a step ahead and performing some act based on the opinion held about the individuals of a group which directly or indirectly impacts them. Recategorization is a strategy to reduce prejudice. It is when one group accommodates members of another or a dominant group increases its size to include members of a subordinate group. This is done usually by placing emphasis on the similarities or reducing importance given to differences among the people. An example is that an entire nation could be categorized as one instead of being classified into groups on the basis of ethnicities or culture.

Appleby discussed the three principles of egocentricity, capitalism, patriarchy which fundamentally constitute American ideology. The author maintained that these principles are deeply rooted in the American social framework. These principles or tenets are euro-centricity, patriarchy, and capitalism.

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