Research Paper: Playing sports without violating rules

Sample Research Paper

Every sport has a set of regulations attached with it. At the professional levels, these rules have to be followed so that the competition remains fair. However, when teenagers are playing casually, regulations are violated a lot. This creates problems as players do not get the actual feel of the game.  Hence, to enjoy a sport to the maximum, understanding and following rules is highly important.

Cheating is a very common problem when competitions are being conducted.This does nothing but reduces the level of thrill. Even at the professional level, players are penalized because they do not follow rules and regulations.  A key example of unfair means is the boxing match between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.  Mike Tyson bit Evander’s ear during the match to get an upper hand.

Similarly, cheating is a very common issue in other sports like baseball, football and basketball. To minimize this problem, the governing bodies of different sports have a set of regulations. This set of regulations has to be followed by all professional players.  Incidents related to cheating and unfair play bring a decline in the level of fan following. In addition to that, watching sports as well as playing relaxes the mind.  The greatest example of rule violation is seen when players try to harm each other physically during the game. This usually takes place due to emotional outbursts.

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