Research Paper: A Play by Jon Tracy

Sample Research Paper

The writer Jon Tracy is also the director of this play. His work pays close attention to the various scenes in the war. This involves reenacting the entire format of the war and ensuring that the sensitivities of such battles. The Illiad, which is also considered an epic battle, is described with tact and care by Tracy in his work. This play also makes references to the wars that are relevant to a 21st-centuryaudience. Thus, there are several scenes which are close illusions to World War II and the long war fought in Iraq. The audience can easily relate to the beauty in Homer’s work with modern warfare.  Also, the writer ensures that his perspective on the war is evident in the strong political commentary, which is a strong vein in the play. This spiced with a touch of wit ensures that the play’s veracity remains whole.

The three goddesses in the play are Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. These goddesses are competitive individuals who are often held responsible for beginning the renowned and infamous war. Their first appearance into the play is in uniforms, as nurses serving for the Red Cross. They play an essential role as the chorus for the play. They use their humorous dialogue and moving comments to connect the audience with the actors in the play. Their commentary is responsible for allowing an interaction to be created with the soldiers who are caught in the incredibly long war. The goddesses’ guilt at the number of causalities caused by the war is an emotion with strong reverberation in the world’s reaction to modern war. This is coupled with the goddesses inability to help the traumatized soldiers who are caught in an inevitable and painful war.

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