Sample Research Paper

Of course, philosophers did exist before Socrates and Plato were born.  But for our present discussion, it is important to focus on Plato and Socrates given that the Western civilization was given birth to only slightly before or during their time only.  Besides, science begins with enquireing and philosophy.  And, the Western civilization is even today producing volume after volume with its philosophies on nearly everything – from the benefits of greeting people to the drawbacks of wearing the color white.  Undoubtedly, this proud civilization does not claim to have conducted scientific research on everything.  It will speculate nevertheless, without ever pretending to be a know-it-all, yet acting as though it is rather close to that definition as well!

The Western civilization is known to speculate about almost everything since it refuses to give in to rules and such that have been accepted over the ages.  This civilization most often talks about the modern world versus the old traditions.  Thus, history tells us that the Roman Empire spread the Greek and Latin languages and the Roman law across Europe, after conquering the Greek, and rejecting the democratic ideas espoused by the people of ancient Athens.  Later, Christianity came to hold sway over the Roman world, and transformed society into a structure that was totally new (“Western Culture”).

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