Research Paper: Personality Development

Sample Research Paper

A person’s personality and behavior development involve interaction with the environment, the people around, the behavior of others and the cultural norms of the society. Donald M (2001) supports this theory when he argues that the human mind is the result of the functioning of the complex human brain and its complex interactions with the (culture and environment around) cognitive function. This mix of complex interactions leads to an individual’s personality.

Scientists suggest from research that in the “early months and years of life, the brain is expanding at a pace that will never be matched in later years. Indeed, from the moment of conception, the explosion in the growth of nerve cells, the densely interconnected “wiring” of neurons throughout the brain and the refinement of these connections during the early years create the essential architecture for the developing mind. The baby at play is sculpting a brain that will be used for the rest of his or her life.”(Thompson, RA, 1998)

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