Research Paper: Personal Ethics

Sample Research Paper

Ethics and moral issues have to do with our relationship to right action, right thought, and right words.  There are many theories of determining right from wrong, but as I have described, my personal theory is aligned with the scriptures.

I have learned that it is wrong to be unjust and right to be kind.  I know that it is bad to be wicked and good to be forgiving.  Ethics and moral issues also have to do with our experiences of dealing with others that are engaged in an unethical or immoral behavior.  Humans may be afraid at times of other humans that seem to hold power over them, through finances or otherwise, and refuse to complain of injustices on the part of the seemingly powerful ones.  All the same, ethics and morals dictate that none of us should put up with wrong or injustice.  At the same time, we must have the courage to tackle such affairs with as much wisdom as we have gathered in our lifetimes.  The use of intelligence or reason is crucial.

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