Research Paper: Personal Causes of Crime

Sample Research Paper

Personal causes of crime include greed, anger, lust, jealousy, revenge, pride, hormones and mental problems. A high production of hormones such as epinephrine and testosterone might trigger a person to achieve more. Individuals with perverted beliefs and less distinction between right and wrong are more inclined towards criminal activities at that time. Similarly hot weather is also reported to have an effect on the high production of these hormones. (causes of crime)

 Greed for material gains such as money can lead to robberies, auto thefts, fraud or kidnapping for ransom. Lust can lead to rape and sexual abuse. Sadistic personality can also lead to abuse, rape and torture. The desire for control and revenge can lead to murder or rape. Violent crimes are normally unplanned whereas abduction and unfair acquisition crimes are normally planned activities. It is also noted that crimes run very high in societies where the level of education is low and where an unfair distribution of wealth is present.

The societal factors are the general imbalance in the society or a traumatic event during childhood. The criminal’s upbringing also plays a major role. The society which is unfair can also trigger a person’s desire for revenge, thus leading to more crimes. The effects of crime are normally loss of life, money and property. Besides these, there are numerous psychological effects which result from the trauma and the further imbalance that crime creates.

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