Research Paper: Pearl Harbour Day

Sample Research Paper

Their aim was to decapitate the US pacific fleet, render them unable to respond. Their targets probably were aircraft carriers and base infrastructure and fuel and ammunition storage facilities. (Pearl Harbor)2,335 military people and 68 civilians were killed atPearl Harbor; there were 1,178 wounded. 18 ships sank or were damaged and 174 planes were destroyed.

The attack renderedAmericaunable to carry out an immediately planned response on Japan.  (Pearl Harbor)

Hordes of people started coming in to join the service, some for revenge, and some for nationalism, patriotism.America’s was machinery was gradually mobilizing.

(Smitha, Frank. E)

The aircraft carriers were not in the shipyard at the time and so were unharmed during the raid. Also, in the two waves of attack onPearl Harbor, the Japan’s aircrafts failed to destroy the offshore facilities. This was one of the major reasons why theUSwas able to resurface, rebuild and repair some of its damaged ships. The surviving of the offshore facilities also aided inAmerica’s response attack onJapanlater on.

In the next few months, the Japanese advanced to Hong Kong, Philippines, Burma, Guam.

America’s military knew about Japans battle plans through intelligence and were able to inflict heavy losses to them  the battle of Coral sea and the battle of Midway.(Smitha, Frank. E)

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