Research Paper: Organizational behavior and Man Power

Sample Research Paper

Organizational behavior is counted as the set of behaviors that are displayed by the people within an organization while working in the workplace. In this case, the knowledge related to the behaviors is implemented in an organization in order to make sure that the success levels within the organizations rise.

The main point that is to be highlighted in this paper is the use of power within the organizations. Power, in the business literature, has been defined in many ways. The use of power can be referred to as a way to success if the power use by the managers and the higher authorities is more strategic. This paper highlights many rules that have been implemented within the organizations in order to make sure that the outputs from the employees is higher thus helping the organization in gaining the goals in a competitive environment within the market.  Dimensions of power within the organization are described briefly in this paper, highlighting the main dimensions that increase the success of the organization including the dimensions related to the organizational behavior.

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