Sample Research Paper

These two concepts can be taken care of if all the cultural groups stay following what their religion says. This will be a more unified way of thinking and there will feel more confident of accepting rejecting or claiming of some piece of culture or some piece of action as their own because they will have a reference to it from their religion.

In this era there have been sitting taking place in order to get a point of understanding of accepting each other view but there a contradicting view happens either from one side or another which keeps the different groups including western, Japanese, and Asian away from coming to a point of settlement.  Edward Said has worked on Orientalism and Xiaomei Chen had his contribution towards Occidentalism. Said’s “conception of Orientalism isn’t just of a batch of misrepresentations and “stereotypes,” but a whole systemically produced and sustained discourse of discourses in the West in a variety of academic fields, in popular culture, etc., “a battery of desires, repressions, investments, and projections” (p.74 of “Orientalism: A Reader” edited by MacFie).

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