Research Paper: Nietzsche’s Philosophical View

Sample Research Paper

Nietzsche often referred to the people who are seen to participate in the mass movements and the people who shared a common mass philosophy as the rabble. Nietzsche has been interpreted to have an importance for individualism. In case of Nietzsche, it has been seen that the individual subject has always been seen as a complex of wills to power and instincts.

It has been argued that according to Nietzsche, man is a species that is often referred to as an animal but according to the many interpretations this is the very animal that can be a bridge and a connection to something greater that has to be overcome. It has been said that striving is more important than hatred.

It has been clearly added by Nietzsche that among the rabble of the modern world the socialist rabble is the one that is to be hated. Thereby here the one main point that can be realized is that Nietzsche has been an important critic of the progressive ideals. The studies that have been carried out by Nietzsche based on the social democratic values are the ones that are more to be analyzed and studied.

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