Research Paper: Natural Law

Sample Research Paper

The early existence of society did not allow for a sense of morality to exist. Individuals would indulge in gestures which suited their particular need without any sense of empathy or fear of the consequences. This is why the Greek system of natural law faced great conflict in several societies which it encountered.

The Greeks idea could prove as successful because it explored the question which worked against the common customs of a society, instead concentrating on a far stronger force: the very nature of man himself. This meant that every community could have a set of laws which were acceptable not because of a common tradition but because it was based on the essence of man himself. Amongst these philosophers is the work of Plato who claimed men to require a strong philosophical training to understand the intricacies of morality, Aristotle who saw man as a social, political and philosophical being, well aware of the importance of morals and the Stoics who understood man’s reasoning capabilities to be the perfect form for right conduct (Jurisprudence and Legal Theory).

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