Sample Research Paper

The way I handled this issue in my conflict was such that she would show me an extreme reaction of her emotions through body movement, her facial expression, she would even point at me at time while talking to people, she would sit with other doctors and would discuss me with them and while doing that she would keep showing me by making bad faces that I am the topic of her talk. She also used to change the tone of her voice while talking to me or talking about me.

The kind of posturing she would make, the kind of intensifying emotions she would show What I would do was that I would go to the same table and I would change their conversation to something else . Or I would request her to stop with me for a few seconds and I would have a short talk on a patient’s issue or a presentation that would be due for me or anything related to our work. So, then slowly it started becoming evident that she was not trying to go her way rather than making me focus at her through her nonverbal cues to have a look at what she had to say to me.

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