Research Paper: A Narration on Conflict Resolution

Sample Research Paper

When I came back a set of confrontation and big dialogue to protect myself started with the comity. She would never accept that I had given her an application and she said that I needed to have witness to prove that so I got one and then she raised another issue that the date I was supposed to leave on was a week down the road and had left earlier than that. When she was asked to bring the application up to the committee she said she had lost it.

I was very angry and frustrated looking at the whole sequence of events she was showing no other ways to protect myself and if I was not able to resolve this conflict tactfully I was going to lose my job and my degree. The way I handled that conflict was such that I analyzed mine and my colleges’ position first and prepared myself for giving the due respect to our relationship, the next thing I took care of was to maintain a good control on my emotions and not to lose my intelligence and d abstract thinking in that, I also stayed calm and reserved and stayed back with a decent and professionally acceptable nonverbal cues of communication along with an eye on the other side’s nonverbal communication as well. While doing this entire thing, I maintained my playfulness and light way of making fun and jokes stayed there.

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