Research Paper: Myths and Beliefs

Sample Research Paper

Myths relate greatly about religious convictions and beliefs. They make individuals enact rituals which would serve as a form of reverence to their deities. The Yami people ofIndonesiaalso believe in one such ritual of Outbursters.

There are people who refute the existence of any divine power. They assume that all the events taking place are part of worldly affairs. However, those having a strong faith believe in that there is a supremacy authority controlling the world, the man and everything that happens on Earth.

When the believers pay homage to the deities by performing rites, they are actually being sanctified. They are being apparently rewarded by the divine authority for their service

The Indonesians enact the ritual of Outbursters to pay reverence to their deities and divine authorities. Similarly, individuals perform rites which their convictions demand as a form of worship. However, there are those who refute myths or do believe that a supremacy power controls them. They construe the occurring events as worldly affairs.

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