Research Paper: The Myth of the Yami

Sample Research Paper

Sproul sheds light on the “ritual” of “Outbursters” performed by Indonesians “living on the island of Batel-Tobago off the coast of Formosa”. These people are known as the “Yami” and believe in the “creation myth”, “Outbursters”, which explains how the human beings and “islands” were formed and how the people developed “canoes” to become “great fishermen”. (Sproul, 1979, p. 25)

The Yami commemorate the “Outbursters” rite annually during “Flying Fish Festival” with immense fervor by lighting torches, “calling the fish” and sing the famous song of their divine “heroes”. They do not enact merely to show reverence to their supremacy ancestors, they also do it to bring themselves closer to the reality of history and experience it themselves. (Sproul, 1979, p. 25)

Sproul argues that some people in all cultures misconstrue the intention behind performing the spiritual ceremony. They either enter into a trance or negate history or “pretend that temporal existence is as timeless as the static dimension of the absolute”. (Sproul, 1979, p. 26).   Nonetheless, these constitute only a handful individuals from all cultures. The majority observes the rituals as a service to their revered deities.

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