Sample Research Paper

The ability of moral reasoning can even present one eighty angles differently at different occasions depending on a sudden shift in the living circumstances of a living being. To ascertain who can help a child grow morally better is primarily the age of the child, then the parents and then comes the society. Moral growth has stages to it, each stage occurs at a certain age under certain circumstances with a particular set of people. There are different views about this development like Freud claims that “the quality of relationship the child has with his/her parent/s greatly affects the way the child develops morally” (Yahoo answers, 2008)

This research study addressed “the polarization among theoretical perspectives in moral psychology regarding the relative significance of parents and peers in children’s developing moral maturity. The study duration was 4 years and the sample included 60 target children from late childhood and mid-adolescence, 60 parents/parent, and 60 friends of no sex specification who participated in parent/child and friend/child dyadic discussions of a series of moral conflicts.

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