Sample Research Paper

Long asserts that, although homosexuality is generally considered a taboo and highly irreligious, it has long existed and there are religions and mythologies which approve of it. There are philosophers who have supported homosexuality and have encouraged it. (Long, 2004)

In fact, some traditional religious cultures in Papua New Guinea mandate homosexual activity among their young males…. the writer Plato affirmed that, among his Greek compatriots, it was homosexual romance which the seeds of mature religiosity for men  (Long, 2004, p. xii)

Long states that in China, “bottoming is a role appropriate to social underling” and the “social status” could be based on “gender, age or social role”.  The religion does not consider a homosexual relationship to be “unmasculine”.  As the social values and traditions inChinado not denounce homosexualism, the heterosexual as well as the homosexual sex are, both, deemed equally “significant”. (Long, 2004, p. 27).

In Zambian culture promotes homosexuality. They believe that by encouraging homosexuality, they would be able to “turn boys into men” and this way, they will have more “warriors”. The concept that homosexuality ensures good health and long life are also a contributive factor supporting homosexual sex. (Long, 2004, p. 27).

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