Research Paper: Leadership is Crucial in any Organization

Leadership is a factor that is very crucial in any form of organization or group. Through the leader, the group members are able to work in unity since they have directions to follow. A group can function well when there exists shared social balance and only a leader can provide this.  Leaders should be there to guide the group members on the steps to follow to achieve the group goals.

If a group passes through the four steps of group formation, the leader will come from the group. As the members know each other better, they will be able to know who has leadership skills and pick on him or her as their leader. This implies that the best leader comes from the group itself. This is because he already understands the group members well for he has been through all the steps together. A leader who comes from outside the group can also be a good leader but only after he takes the time to study the group processes and understands the members. This is to mean that a group leader can come from both the outside and from the group but have to act differently to direct the groups.

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