Sample Research Paper

The virtues of conscientiousness, hard work, and quick learning intertwined with the charming and persuasive personality are my outstanding strengths. I believe in collaborating and coordinating with others when working in groups or teams and try my level best to curb the vices of groupthink. Stress and strain rarely overwhelm me and never really impede my work or adversely impact my performance. I have the ability to cope with immense work pressure and at the same, strive hard to avail the opportunities that come my way.

I am usually in the limelight whenever it comes to any team or group work and am always in the forefront in case of extracurricular activities. My friends and colleagues do approve of my leadership qualities. “When individuals communicate their own authenticity and generate a sense of significance, excitement, and community to others, they are getting the basics of the leadership relationship right”.  (Goffee & Jones, 2006, p. 196)

So far, my life has revolved mostly around academics. A smaller percentage of time has been devoted to extracurricular and other social activities. Therefore, I am yet to meet the real-life challenges of the corporate world. Although my attitude is reflective of my leadership qualities, I have been more a follower as a student and an apprentice. I would like to support my argument by quoting from Carrison’s and Walsh’s (2004) book.

Following” is not a matter of blind obedience; the eyes are wide open, assessing the situation and looking for solutions. A good “follower” – one who cheerfully accepts orders and does not shy away from opportunities to overcome obstacles – by definition makes a good leader. (Carrison & Walsh, 2004, p. 78)

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