Research Paper: Leaders in Middle East

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Ranging from Kemal Attaturk in Turkey to Ibn Saud in Saudi Arabia, the leaders were men of the region. The other kind of states that arose was Israel and Jordan that were created by the British to station their troops in the Middle East. This sudden freedom is given to states that existed as a sole empire allowed for the areas to be unable to develop fully. In other areas, the king of Syria functioned as a puppet of the British, willing to accept the state of Israel for their leader Faisal’s take on the throne (Council on Foreign Relations). Large empires, suddenly broken to pieces had to learn how to function as sole states.

The developed powers tried to break the Middle East with the hopes of dominating the small and newly established states.  However, providing these areas with independence tore them apart in terms of identity and culture. This is coupled with the idea of legitimacy within the Middle East which often results in a state of tensions between the different states in the region. The Middle East is constructed of a variety of states, each surviving under leaders, monarchies or democratic systems. The right to rule the different states has been questionable since the creation of this region. With the breakdown of an empire as strong as the Ottoman Empire, the quest for power and personal self-aggrandizement rose, leading to several conflicts within this area. The different regions within the Middle East have drawn swords against each other for a long period of time. With severe opposition against the creation of Israel, many Middle Eastern states have been torn apart by the constant ethnic and religious battles. The right to Israel has been questioned for decades with the Israeli leaders often taking severe stances on the matter, so much so as calling Syria a sponsor of terror (Donovan, 2004). Thus, the Middle East crisis is one that has existed since the breakdown of the early empires and is one that will exist until the true definition of diplomatic talks and understanding is recognized and followed.

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