Research Paper: Law; Its Importance

Sample Research Paper

Legislation is an important part of any community. They help define the rules, laws and principles under which any specific society must function. This is coupled with the protection and security that a just system of law carries for any group. The laws bind and hold the community together to create a strong and working structure. The law, no matter what type it is, has one essential aspect: recognizing and enhancing the rights of every human being in any society.

Thus, the importance of law is one that has existed throughout the centuries. Over year years, the ideas and concepts of law have altered and changed. One of the most important kinds of laws was natural law. Historically, natural law is a major concept that has lasted since the existence of the ancient Greeks. It continued to be employed throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth century and remained as an edifice to conventional and modern legislations.

The construction of laws is a part of any society yet it’s parallel with the Model of Rules depicts how laws by themselves are not enough to create a just society. A set of principles have to be attached to these laws to make them functioning and acceptable for society (The Model of Rules).

The most significant factor about the natural law was its basis on morality. According to this law, morality was closely combined to the nature of law, merging the two concepts together. The natural law theory was created by legal agents like the rulers, princes or monarchs of a state decided the laws that would be followed. They laid down the laws according to the moral structure of society at the time.

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