Research Paper: Laughter in Hell

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Writer Lipman has created a book titled Laughter in Hell: The Use of Humor During the Holocaust, which makes a collection of all the jokes that were cracked by the Jews themselves, as they survived those difficult times (1993)[1]. Some of this humor is extraordinarily amusing and the entire collection is enough to show how satire is the best weapon against any enemy.

The book does not centre on jokes alone, instead also focusing on different forms of art that arose from that century. Be it literature in the form of poetry or prose or theatre in the form of plays or cabaret, Lipman follows each of them closely, to create a document that presents a vivid display of the different works that were produced during World War II. The humor is not crass or vulgar; instead, it is the smug joke of someone who knows their suffering will be rewarded by a greater good. Thus, Lipman is amongst those who depict how satire has not become a way of creating awareness about the different aspects of the Holocaust, rather it being a tool and weapon to survive one of the biggest annihilations in modern history.

[1] Lipman, Steve. Laughter in Hell: The Use of Humor During the Holocaust

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