Sample Research Paper

Karen Andrews, an American Buddhist woman, explains the meaning of discrimination in Buddhism itself:

Buddhism has, throughout its history, slowly moved east, from India through China, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan.  Most recently, it has begun its jump across the ocean to the United States.  With each move, the expression of Buddhism has    changed to suit the culture of the people. Buddhism has not yet been in the United   States (or any other Western country) long enough to develop into a clear new form, suitable for Western culture.  There are many aspects of traditional Buddhism which     need slight adaptation in order to be accepted within the complex structures of Western     society.  One of the areas of traditional Buddhism which modern Western Buddhists find the most problematic is the area of gender.  In most Asian Buddhist traditions, the    leaders and teachers are all male, while females are given less prestigious roles. Western Buddhists tend to come from highly educated and socially liberal backgrounds, which means that they tend to feel that men and women are equal and should be given equal opportunities in all endeavors.  This difference of opinion between Western and Asian Buddhists causes a certain amount of tension.

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