Research Paper: Julius Caesar; Introduction

Sample Research Paper

Julius Caesar is William Shakespeare’s first piece of literature written in 1599 which gives a vivid picture of the before Christ era of Roman Emperors. According to Sanderson (2003), “Shakespeare based this play on Thomas North’s 1579 English translation of Plutarch’s Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans”.

The play revolves around the conspiracy of the Roman senators against their ruler, Julius Caesar. The vehement malice against Caesar led to his brutal assassination. The repercussions were chaos and immense upheaval in the political and social atmosphere of Rome. The manner in which the entire plot and its consequences were built in the play reflects Shakespeare’s strong belief in the power of the ruler. Although the murderers of Caesar apparently had also killed the likely undesirable outcomes of his ambition, his assassination had triggered a state of affairs which was far more unexpected and intolerable. Sanderson (2003) writes that probably Shakespeare intended to draw the attention of the audience in the 16th century to the then crippling aristocracy. The rule of Queen Elizabeth I was reaching its end and she had no “heir to succeed her”. (Sanderson, 2003)

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