Research Paper: John Hoyer Updike

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John Hoyer Updike, a renowned name in contemporary literature, was born in Pennsylvania but lived at different places throughout his life. His love for books developed in his childhood when he was, often, left in solitude because of a skin disease and a speech disability. However, he kept his spirits high and graduated from Harvard as a major in English in 1954.Updike is known worldwide for his contributions in the form of poems, short stories, novels, essays and literature criticism to modern writing. Nonetheless, his short stories gained comparatively much popularity. These include A & P, Marching through Boston, Your Lover Just Called, Eros Rampant and Brother Grasshopper. Most of his short stories depict an American lifestyle that he has lived himself or what he believes the people around him have experienced. He has focused more on the psychological aspects of human desires such as sex and adultery and has also discussed the influence of religion on such drives.
Although born in 1932 in Reading, Pennsylvania, Updike spent most of his life in towns and cities other than his birthplace. He lived in a remote farm and kept himself occupied with books of popular authors in solitude. A possible reason for this could be that he suffered from psoriases and stammering in his childhood. His moral support was his mother who persuaded him to write. Perhaps, this encouragement sowed the seed which developed Updike’s writing skills turning him into a fabulous literary writer.

In 1954, he graduated from Harvard as an English major (John (Hoyer) Updike (1932-)). His writing ability much praised in the literary arena and he is a recipient of many institutional and national awards. Updike is known the world over for his contribution to modern writing and literature in the form of poems, short stories, novels, essays and literature criticism.

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