Research Paper: Jews perception of Holocaust

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The third generation American-born Jews who are caught in families where they feel misunderstood related greatly to this book. Also, it is a great novel for older generations to read and understand the emotions of their children and grandchildren.  Stadner is one of the few writers of her time who is contemptuous of the life forced on her by her parents past and is brutal and unafraid of expressing it. The rave reviews given to this book are proof of how humor plays an essential role in creating a bond between audiences, not only of different communities but of different ages and eras.

A writer Weber wrote an article in the New York Times where he tries to decipher the limitations that are enforced when topics like the Holocaust are discussed (1999)[1]. In a conversation with several renowned performers, comedians and directors, all of different races and religions, it is impossible to come to a consensus on which topics should be allowed and which cross the limits and border on vulgarity or offence


[1] Weber, Bruce. “What’s So Funny?: Decoding That Enigma Called Humor and Failing Gleefully” in New York Times

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