Research Paper: Jewish Woman Today

Sample Research Paper

Today, Jewish women are allowed to become rabbis and preach religion. They can give the religious verdict, and can solve matters and issues in the light of Judaism. The social taboos under the fake umbrella of religious norms prior to the World War II have been reduced to a minimal. However, it would not be right to say that they have been completely eliminated.

There are still many orthodox views on women shouldering religious responsibilities and becoming rabbis. Many orthodox or chauvinistic Jews still question whether women could be allowed to become rabbis. The fact that quite a few women leave rabbinate after becoming mothers is another worry which forces the society to reconsider the decision of making women rabbis. (Telushkin, 1991).

Irrespective of religious affiliation or belonging, women have suffered at the hands of their male counterparts throughout history. They have been deemed as subordinate to men. The sexist attitude has been deeply rooted in the cultures and the societies. Women have strived very hard to attain respectable and high-level positions for themselves in the society. They are entering different professions and are involving themselves in religious matters.

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