Sample Research Paper

In Asia, the war between Japan and China formally started earlier on, on the7-july-1937. Minor incidents had been happening between them for the past decade, With the Japanese in the quest for securing control over vast resources, and the growing Chinese patriotism and nationalism, eventual war was inevitable between the two countries.

The European wars and the Asian wars started being considered as World War 2 only after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, forcing America to officially declare war and enter into conflict to aid the allies against Germany and Japan.  (Delott, Daniel M.)

America considered involvement in World War 1, an enormous mistake and since then had enacted neutrality laws to keep itself from drawing into another conflict. TheUnited States public was also in favor of non-involvement. To prevent a German victory in Europe, president Roosevelt had urged congress to revise the neutrality laws to allow the United States to transfer weaponry and ammunition to the allies namely British and the French to help them in their fight. (Dallek, Robert)

The United States initially provided 50 US destroyers toBritain. Then later on in 1941 president Roosevelt requested congress to approve a lending program for the British by which the United States would provide them guns and ships to fight the German army. (Dallek, Robert)

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