Sample Research Paper

In a study conducted in the US, it was found that relationship problems with the local students were another contributing factor which increased stress and made coping with the cultural adaptation process difficult. (Hayes & Lin, 1994, 10) students who are not proficient in English tend to feel disconnected and isolated from their peers and their interpersonal distress may be higher.

Interaction with the local peers may make the adjustment process easier and it may also make them feel included and have a sense of rationale for acceptance and may also help them in their career development(Mallinckrodt & Leong, 1992, 71). However, a lack of such interaction and support from local peers can increase the problems associated with the acculturation of the individual. In this regards, cultural values play a very significant role. For some international students acquiring education and building a career may be associated with convergence of cultural group principles, parental and social expectations and security, and individual ideals and objectives (Leong & Hartung, 2003, 510).

For instance, as a part of an extremely collective or shared cultural belief orientation, some international students’ educational and even career decisions are characterised as more dependents on their parents’ choice of career and family needs rather than their own individual needs. Such issues influence the adjustment process and in some circumstances a lack of interpersonal communication and isolation may lead to cultural stressors.

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