Research Paper: Introduction of Telemedicine

Sample Research Paper

Telemedicine is defined as the “use of telecommunications to deliver health services to remote patients, and to facilitate information exchange between primary care physicians and specialists at some distance from each other”. (Bashshur 1997:9).  The study of telemedicine incorporates the study of the biomedical community in the United States (e.g., Cassell 1996; Estroff 1993; Martin 1991) as well as the growing phenomenon of cyberculture (Escobar 1994).  (as cited in Sinha, 2000, p.291)

The field of medicine has been developing and growing just as swiftly as any other discipline in the world today. Great inventions and innovations have led to the progress of the field of medicine and have facilitated the physicians as well as other medical officials in diagnoses, prescription and treatment. With information and communication technologies making great strides and expeditiously turning the world into an inter-networked village, they have also opened newer avenues to aid the discipline of medicine. Telemedicine is a new, innovative science making use of the modern technology to disseminate healthcare services to patients residing in remote areas. This has helped in providing treatment to patients who live farther from the physicians or specialists and face mobility constraints and barriers. A physician can now perform diagnoses by reviewing “vital signs and other clinical data, and offer management strategies of patient care while separated from a patient by time and space”. (Mort, May & Williams, 2003, p. 274).

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