Sample Research Paper

Each interview has its own variation its own speed. To the outsider, an interview appears like a standard, easy, ordinary effort. Yet, to the interviewer, it can be packed with special gradation and interpretations that are not often instantaneously clear.

Every interview includes some general components. There is the opening, where the interviewer gains entry and create the rapport and tone for what follows. There is the core of the process that consists of the protocol of questions and the creation of the probe. Finally, there is the conclusion, the wrap-up, where the interviewer and respondent start a sense of closure. Whether it is a two-minute phone interview or a personal interview those width hours, the interview is a bit of theater, a mini-drama that engages existent lives in real time.

These interviews are not as flexible as the completely non-directive interviews. Nonetheless, these interviews have many advantages. They give the freedom to the respondents to express their views well, but at the same time, ensure that the participants do not deviate from the topic

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