Sample Research Paper

Amendments were made to the questionnaire according to the suggestions made by the initial five respondents who were interviewed in the field-test and the judgment of the researcher based on what was observed and learnt as verbal and non-verbal cues. A final version of the questionnaire was made after all the changes were incorporated.

Another important benefit of conducting the interviews as field-test was that the initial randomly selected convenience sample of the five respondents gave contacts of other colleagues or the specialists they knew in the field of the Allied Health Professional Workforce. This had a snowballing effect. The sample to be chosen for the real research would be of thirty clinical laboratory specialists. Some of the thirty final respondents would be conveniently sampled while the others would be snowball sampled.

As the researcher was also experienced in conducting interviews after the field-test, she would be in a better position to hold the survey and self-administer it. The field-test was also a rehearsal for the researcher.

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