Sample Research Paper

The time spent to complete each interview was 5 minutes on average.  Before the start of an interview, the identification of the right interviewee was sought and verified.  Sometimes it was necessary to call more than once to “catch” the respondent. In order to save cost, all telephone interviews were contacted by the researcher, thus no interviewers were hired.The customer needs which were investigated within the context of this survey referred to:

  • Quality of information provided to customers
  • Facilitation to Customers’ to make their purchases
  • Customers’ after sales satisfaction
  • Consistency of service given to customers through company’s different service channels
  • Trust the customers receive from their service company
  • Privacy and respect of customers’ personal data by their service company
  • Value the customers get from their service company


The questions of this interview are pre-tested under actual conditions of data collection. As Malhotra (1993) points out pre-testing refers to the testing of the questionnaire on a small sample of respondents to identify and eliminate potential problems.

The pre-testing was contacted with 5 respondents drawn from the same population as for the actual survey.  Question content, wording, questions’ sequence, form and layout, questions difficulty, instructions and questions’ acceptance were tested. After the completion of the pre-testing all necessary changes were made in order to rectify the identified problems. The research achieved a 100% response rate from both the surveys.  The raw data collected was appropriately analyzed using Microsoft Excel sheets, graphs and tables.

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